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Chicken With Rice…With a Twist

I’m the best girlfriend ever! :D

Arroz con pollo with red bell pepper garnish

Sausages in the shape of octopi

This is supposed to be a heart shaped cookie…lol.

So I decided to be an awesome doting girlfriend and made lunch for my boyfriend and it seemed a lot more complicated than it actually was. At the same time, I decided to start this baby up at around 3am so after this was all finished, side dishes/dessert and all that good stuff, I was finally able to pass out at 5:30am…to wake up in 2 hours to get ready for work! It was totally worth it though, especially now that I can share it with you all :)

Also, I was raised being familiar with the Hispanic culture (more specifically Honduran/Cuban, because not all Latinos are the same) and a lot of my dishes as a result have that Latino essence, so this staple Cuban dish is definitely reminding me of home. LET’S DO THIS.


- corn (i used the canned kernels)

- peas (i used frozen fresh peas, whatever that means)

- tomatoes

- garlic

- cilantro

- onions (I used yellow onions here)

- green bell peppers

- carrots

- red bell peppers (only for the garnish)

- chicken (I used boneless chicken thighs here. Dark meat ftw)

- yellow rice packet that has all the seasonings for Spanish rice…I got it at Publix

- chicken stock! I used bouillon powder and dissolved it in hot water

- lime juice (gotta have that lime juice)

**word to the wise: now I used all these veggies to add color to my dish (and I also love veggies) but you can definitely skip all the extra food (except for the tomatoes, garlic and cilantro) because this is just chicken and rice, not chickenriceandallthesecrazyvegetables.

** Also, you can use as many/few veggies as you want according to your liking but note that if you use more tomatoes, the water from them may make your dish soggier.

These are the spices I used:

olive oil, sea salt, and ground black pepper (It is a major coincidence that all my spices are the Badia brand, I honestly just get them when they’re on sale and not at the same time haha)

Now let’s make this thing!

1) heat an oiled pan on high heat that is not too shallow because you’re going to be essentially drowning the ingredients in chicken stock so work smarter, not harder!

2) throw the chicken in when the pan gets hot

3) stir it up/flip them over until they are lightly browned but not super cooked because you will be cooking them further later. Once that’s done, take them off of the stove and set them aside for later use. :

4) I then started up the sofrito, which is essentially a sauce base in most Latin cuisine, which includes the onions, cilantro, garlic, tomatoes and carrots (high heat)

5) mix them all around until the tomato juice reduces by a TON because in this particular recipe, I would not be happy with overly mushy rice.

6) once reduced, throw the rice in and let it stir for a bit so that it can kind of take in the juices and brown a TINY bit (still high heat)

7) add the semi cooked chicken:

8) then add the chicken broth until you can barely see the top of the rice. (Here is where you turn the heart to low/medium until completion)

9) at this point, I added peas, corn, and the spices (salt, pepper, lime juice) because they cook much faster than the rest but if you want less mushy peas/corn then add it more toward the end.

10) let this sit until the water is absorbed by the rice, stirring occasionally because rice has a large tendency to burn pots.

Almost done! Haha I was so impatient because it smelled so good!

11) once the rice is at the consistency you like (taste testing!) it is finally done. Once you scoop it onto what you’re serving it with, you can choose to be more legitimate and artfully place thin red bell pepper slices on top of the arroz con pollo (but since I didn’t really have much space to really go crazy with the bell peppers, I just did it the old fashioned way…parallel lines. It still looks pretty though!)

Sabroso (delicious) times a billion :)

And the title indicates there was a twist, which there is:

SAUSAGE OCTOPI! How often do you have these? (for those who eat these/make these all the time, I envy you for your awesomeness)


- olive oil

- vienna sausage can (this works better with hot dog bits so I encourage you to use those instead lol…you’ll see why I say this later on)

VIENNA SAUSAGES O_O when I was hungry and didn’t know how to cook anything or during hurricane season when the power was killed, these have ceased my hunger. Although it’s not something one eats all the time, especially with its high sodium content and probably all the preservatives from being canned meat in the first place, it definitely isn’t a bad alternative if you run out of options.

1) take the sausages and make 2 perpendicular cuts along the bottom half (or as close to perpendicular as you can haha

So much fail…

2) take an oiled pan and as soon as it’s heated, throw the cut sausages in!

3) flip them around until the “tentacles” aka your cut section kinda flares out a bit. Then you’re done!

**so vienna sausages are super soft and have a mushier consistency than hot dog sausages which makes it harder for the tentacles to flare out, so the octopi didn’t have as strong/cool of an effect as I wanted them to have but it still semi flared and you could tell I was trying to make these things haha….meh.


I made a heart shaped cookie out of cookie dough in a tub like this:

T_T no me gusta the blurriness…5am picture taking fail.

I then shaped the cookie dough into a heart because I’m incredibly mushy and lame:

After following the instructions on the tub, it turned into this after baking:

and I just cut the edges to make it look more like a heart…yeah.

After presenting all this to my boyfriend, he liked it a lot :D I was yelling at him to look more excited but he was embarrassed because we were sitting outside around people and I wasn’t exactly holding my excitement in haha.

Success <3

Until next time,


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